..Now Ethiopia is a country I would like to come back and live. Your wonderful and friendly guides and drivers are the biggest treasure we have found in Ethiopia. Every little detail and the cooking YOD Abyssinia Cultural restaurant offered us too, woooow no words to explain, I have never met anybody like your guides who have love for ones own country and knows much about the history and culture. You were so carrying and showed us Ethiopia wonderfully.                                                                 Koby Y, lavy, Israel

In the fourteen days Northern Ethiopia tour we had experienced excellent and very interesting services, thanks to the team at YOD Abyssinia; we have gain a good sense on the history of Ethiopia. Each step was satisfying and It was a wonderful trip with careful organization, the guides were absolutely fantastic, the drivers as well, they made us enjoy to the best; Thank you so much. Can't wait to get home and tell friends and family all the great and enlightening time I have in ETHIOPIA with your tour agency.
                                                                                       Richard and his group, Canada

We eventually arrived in Addis Ababa on Ethiopian Airlines which YOD Abyssinia Tour and Travel Agents arranged for us to guarantee discounted rate when traveling on the Ethiopian domestic routes. On arrival was a warm welcome from our driver and guide who took us to a tourist standard hotel that they have prearranged for us. The following morning we began our journey to discover the rich cultural heritage of the country; our driver was careful and did everything possible to make the journey safe and enjoyable. The guide carefully tried to make sure we saw everything of interest and understood the local customs and culture. We have never been to any country and had a more caring, concerned and helpful tour company. They made us feel like family and we would highly recommend them as your travel agents of choice.
                                                                                                                         Kety, USA

Even though we had some delay waiting our friend who was left at the hotel mishearing her leaving schedule, visiting the Abay River Gorge was to the fullest ideal YOD Abyssinia has arranged all including meals in our program, the food were to the most fantastic. During the day we were offered an endless supply of bottled water and soft drinks. Throughout the journey we encountered a wide variety of rock types, each with its own structure and shape the Abay River, the Gorge and The Ethio " Japanese bridge were also interesting. Thank you
Mobi kanny, Kenya

 Mobi kanny, Kenya

I absolutely and thoroughly recommend anyone to use this company. They are very professional and can tailor any tour to your needs..i have visited the capital city Addis Ababa and how the personal tour tailored was wonderful.
                                                                                                Philip, j kop, Spain               

YOD Abyssinia delivered an outstanding service to us the transfer, accommodation and the guides were excellently organized, we would like to extend our appreciation to your company and to all your staff for the tremendous assistance rendered. The collective effort and team spirit was also great. We can highly recommend their Tour and Travel Company.
                Daruies Karka K, Slovakia                                                                                              

After traveling throughout Ethiopia with YOD Abyssinia travel and tour all I want to be is Ethiopian. Your agency is surely recommendable as your safe drivers and agents made sure we see and discover extraordinary facts about the cradle of mankind. Your guides are perfectly trained, experienced and more like family, we had the best tour of our life with perfectly selected hotels to make us experience the real Ethiopia.
Kliment B, France